Can doctors dating patients relatives

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But there was and is light at the end of the tunnel. After a long struggle, I moved to the Bay Area, let go of the people who had let go of me, and began to build a new life, based on openness about my kidney condition.Before my transplant I asked the (much narrower) group of friend who were still in my life to write their thoughts down about my potential transplant, so that I could make an inspiration book to keep my spirits lifted.But my life is so full of meaningful work, and wonderful friends that I don't often feel a lack.I hope that someday I can once again find love, but until that time I will give love to those who come through my life, and aspire to being a whole human being.Now as for dating, I can't say that I have that worked out.I still want a life partner, and potentially to be married some day. While I feel better the tubing, machine noise and the length of treatment, 10 hours every night including hitching up and unhitching, has largely destroyed any intimate relationships.

I have to say that there were some people I thought were true friends who pulled away at the first sign of a rocky road ahead.

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When I lost my youngest brother to complications of PKD, I think there were friends who looked at me as "a bad investment." I know this sounds cynical, but I was living in a world where Hollywood superficiality reigned supreme. I was unprepared and uninformed about transplant options, I was dealing with ESRD in other members of my family, and taking care of an ailing mother who had a completely different illness.

These dark times were miserable, and there is no way to present them in any other fashion.

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