Canada condoleezza dating rice

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She has no other life, has never married and a handful of dates with eligible men organised by well-meaning friends have led nowhere romantically.

She spends many of her weekends at Camp David with the president, watching baseball and football and doing jigsaws with the first family.

She would be the first major party Presidential candidate since Eisenhower not to have held prior elective office.

Of course, Ike won decisively his first time up, and by an even more decisive margin when he ran for re-election in 1956.

There is no evidence whatsoever to suggest that Rice and Mac Kay are linked by anything more than their shared status as singletons.

But if you believe the blogs, Mac Kay has been sweet on Rice since their first meeting in Washington last year.

Rice is single and has never been married." Encyclopedia

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Tall, athletic, young, blond and recently dumped by his girlfriend, Mac Kay does not look like your usual foreign minister.

"Peter Mc Kay has a crush," said a headline on the Web site Now Public, atop a giant photo of Rice, "on Condoleezza Rice." On Tuesday morning, Rice and Mac Kay strolled up to their side-by-side dais to talk to the folks here.

"I am just delighted to have Condoleezza Rice, the secretary of state, here in my hometown," gushed a beaming Mac Kay.

": Rice was a doctoral student in the mid 1970's at the U.

of Denver and had dated several players with the Denver Broncos. She is an accomplished pianist, fluent in several languages including Russian.

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