Dating campagnolo components 4 laws of relative dating

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Bear in mind that these characteristics can vary from year to year.

It is to gain these drillings that the bodies of these mid-range ergolevers need to be changed for the Record / Chorus items.

11s chainrings changed in 2012 and post 2012 11s chainrings cannot be interchanged with earler versions, nor with 10s chainrings. A: The current 10s levers that are, are Record & Chorus 10s 2006-2010 and use a right hand Ergo body EC-RE631 and left-hand Ergo body EC-RE532.

Some previous versions on Veloce and Centaur up to the 2006 model year either were, or could be made so by swapping the body of the Ergolever itself for the part numbers above, as was also true of late Mirage 10s levers, again up until model year 2006.

The Over Torque chainset can be used with 2015 systems but performance will not be quite as good in upshift as a 2015 chainset.

The new 12-29 11s cassette should only be used with a 2015 gear train.

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