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If you take a lot in you're plate and shove it down your throat, not only will that be piggish but how will you ever have a conversation with a whole lotta food in your mouth?

If she offers to pay, ask her if she would like to go dutch. All you have to do is make a lady feel special when she's out with you, even at the dinner table.

But this can backfire at times, since age can be touchy for some and indecipherable for others.

In this situation, a good bet is to split the tab unless your date offers to treat you to dinner.

“A lot goes into getting ready for a date, so the least they could do is pay for dinner,” added another.

In the end, when you add up the blowout, the manicure, the wax, the new dress, and the lipstick, you might as well have paid for a five-course meal.© 2017 Condé Nast. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement (effective 1/2/2014) and Privacy Policy (Effective 1/2/2014).

Definitely take your wallet out, whenever the bill comes to the table. Don't get drunk on your first drink, for crying out loud! Unless of course you both decide to go a bit overboard with your wine, don't be a sole survivor here, you probably won't hear from her or else.

“I never even pretend to reach if it’s a first date.

That’s just standard,” says another editor, “unless, it’s a confusing situation where I don’t know if we’re on a date or we’re just friends.

The “reach”More than half of the staff agreed, you should always reach inside your bag once the check arrives—even if you don’t intend to pay.

“You do the fiddling, the shuffling, and give them enough time to reach for their own wallets to take care of the bill,” says one editor, “or else what’s the option? No, that’s too awkward.” But a few others believe that during a first date, the reach—even a fake one—is out of the question.

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