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The story follows an unhinged and somewhat miserable screenwriter (Josh Gad) who has promised the lead role in his new project to his struggling actress girlfriend Sammy (Kristen Ruhlin).

Duff plays an A-list actress who shows interest in said film, and now the scribe is torn between the woman he loves and this woman who has thrust herself into his life.

Sunday, September 19th Boardwalk Empire (HBO) – 9pm Est/8pm Cst The undisputed ruler of Atlantic City is the town’s Treasurer, Enoch “Nucky” Thompson, » - Ethan Anderton It's certainly not the worst $#! (Shatner, sorry buddy, but yes, that is a dig at your new CBS gig.) But why does ABC's Better Than You, which stars the always adorable Joanna Garcia, seem so darn familar? The Amazing Race The Amazing Race is a seven-time Emmy Award-winning adventure reality series hosted by Emmy-nominated host, Phil Keoghan, which pits teams, of two, against each other on a trek around the world.

At every destination, each team will have to compete in a series of challenges, some mental and some physical, and only when the tasks are completed will they learn of their next location.

Better with You revolves around members of the Putney family and their significant others.

Maddie and Ben have been happily dating for a long time.

The new season lineup includes inevitable staples (classic cop and legal dramas) and more peculiar blends (The Shield’s Michael Chiklis in a family series playing a dad with superpowers, for example); some legendary names (Jj Abrams, Shawn Ryan, Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg) and many fresh faces.

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Michael Imperioli and James Mc Daniel, star in "Detroit 1-8-7." Imperioli was a veteran of HBO's "Sopranos" as "Chrissy" Moltasanti.Debra Jo Rupp, the beloved mom Kitty Forman from "That 70's Show," stars in "Better with You." » - April Mac Intyre Best known as Kitty on "That '70s Show" and now starring as Vicky on ABC's "Better With You," Debra Jo Rupp can't see herself on any reality show, least of all once that requires a sense of rhythm.She recalls to Zap2it how her worst audition ever involved dancing."I was out of college, maybe I had been in New York a year," she says, "and everyone said to me, ' Don't worry if they ask you if you can dance. You'll be fine.' Okay, if that's what everyone is doing, that's what I'll do.There’s the newly-dating, the not-so-newly-dating and the older couple.The idea is that each pair will provide their own punchlines just by virtue of their situations. From a “Friends” producer (Shana Goldberg-Meehan) desperately trying to recreate the spark of that show, “Better With You” stars Jo Anna Garcia and Jake Lacy as the new couple, » - [email protected](Adam Fendelman) The time is finally upon us for the 2010 fall TV season to kick off next week with the return of all your favorite series and the premiere of some brand new ones for you to sink your teeth into (or forget about completely). Competition: America's Next Top Model (CW), Survivor: Nicaragua (CBS), Hell's Kitchen (Fox), Undercovers (NBC) Cast: Joanna Garcia, Jennifer Finnigan, Josh Cooke, Jake Lacy, Kurt Fuller, Debra Jo Rupp Status: We've seen the pilot episode. We mean Better With You is a cute new » The fall television season is nearly upon us, with just about everything premiering between September 20-26.

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