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--This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

Primarily focused on the legendary Studio 54 and its most prominent owner, Steve Rubell, this book is a frenetic and confusing hodgepodge of gossip and interviews. Feels like an extended Vanity Fair article without any real meat.

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New York City and the 1970s: a dysfunctional marriage that spawned a myriad of cultural icons; one of them being Studio 54.

With THE LAST PARTY, Anthony Haden-Guest details the "perfect storm" scenario that allowed Studio 54 to become the patriarch of the city's competitive social scene until it imploded ... While the book's intention is to highlight the zeal of the nightclub scene in NYC from the disco era through the 80s, it is obvious that Studio 54 set the tone from the beginning and cast a shadow that loomed large, long after its demise.

The author is a journalist of the fashionable, most recently writing for The New Yorker, and he appears to have been a habitue of the scene. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title. I was there, I lived it but it is ot a story which deserves retelling.

Much of the material must have been gathered firsthand, inside the "velvet rope" at Studio's entrance, where the doorman was notorious for making semicelebrities wait for hours while the elite (Halston, Liza, Truman, Andy, Bianca) were ushered in by security guards. We;ve been there done that and it has been covered enough.

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