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Degni-Segui believed that the 15,700 rape incidents reported by the Rwanda Ministry for Family and Protection of Women were most likely an underestimate, given the number of years victims would take to report their rapes, if ever they did.He also discovered that the estimates by medical personnel of one birth per 100 rapes did not include women who had been murdered.The conflict resulted in an estimated 2,000 to 10,000 "war babies" being born as a result of forced impregnation.During the conflict Hutu extremists released hundreds of patients from hospitals, who were suffering from AIDS, and formed them into "rape squads".The intent was to infect and cause a "slow, inexorable death".

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The brutality of the sexual violence, and complicity of Hutu women in the attacks, suggested that the propaganda was effective at mobilizing both females and males to participate in the genocide.

Those men completely destroyed me; they caused me so much pain. Survivors have testified that the transmission of the HIV virus was a deliberate act by talking about how the men, before they raped them, would say that they were not going to kill them directly but rather give them a slow death from AIDS.

Two-thirds of a sample of 1,200 Rwandan genocide widows tested positive for HIV, and the infection rates in rural areas more than doubled after the genocide.

He said of the atrocities, "Rape was systematic and was used as a 'weapon' by the perpetrators of the massacres.

This can be estimated from the number and nature of the victims as well as from the forms of rape." Bijleveld, Morssinkhof, and Smeulers estimated 354,440 women raped.

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