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You probably wouldn’t be attracted to someone who has a profile that’s filled with a bunch of spelling mistakes and poor language, right? Online dating doesn’t have to be overwhelming, especially when you’re setting up a profile for the first time.

It’s important to make sure your profile is not only a direct reflection of you, but that it’s put together in an appealing way.

Actually in daily life they don’t have time for searching friendship and love.

That’s why we have created our online dating platform for serious relationships

Corno’s Undergraduate Research Experience Award Program (UREAP)-funded project, “The Effects of Personality Traits and Physical Attractiveness on Dating Preferences in an Online Setting,” set out to determine if the same theories of attractiveness that exist when people meet face to face hold true in an online platform, like Tinder, for example.“We wanted to test this in a more experimental setting to determine attractiveness based on intelligence, income level and devotion,” said Corno, who was supervised by Assistant Professor Dr. To do this first required a literature review, and Corno noted that there is still limited research in the field of online dating.

Then came the experiment.“We had to create our own profiles using a photo bank that people had used for previous studies, and then we tested them on first-year psychology students, having them rate how interested they would be in the person for either a short- or long-term relationship,” Corno explained.

How many times we connect our friends on social networks being online 24/7?

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Many people understand and appreciate the power of the Internet.Not so long time ago dating through a global network was regarded as something abnormal.Public opinion boiled down to the fact that such opportunity to meet new people was useful only for shy people.People clearly know that making a family should be followed by many feelings including love in the first place.And it is absolutely normal in the modern world to fall in love with a foreigner due to the opportunities just Internet gives people.

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